What does it mean, «it’s more than molding»?
«Moldings Santa Maria» manufactures wood moulding bars for paintings «but not only…»
years of experience in the world of framing has linked us to the world of interior design, art galleries, museums, restoration of Works and buildings with artistic value, the world of rehabilitation and refurbishment of commercial premises, cafes, restaurants and hotels and the world of artistic and professional photography.
All this from the advantage that gives us the fact to be manufacturers and to create from scratch a product that fully fits the specific need of each of our customers.
Based on this experience, and from the know-how of all these years, have been created in the bosom of moldings Santa Maria, Several lines of products and services, destined to cover the different needs and requests of our clients, that is why today we can talk about 3 master lines that have joined our traditional moulding production:
«Decorate with molding», «Exclusive frame» and «Frames in series»